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Safety and Sustainability

Evoqua Water Technologies will not compromise accident and injury prevention or environmental protection compliance for profit or production.

Evoqua is committed to working safely and protecting our environment. Think about it – safe environmental protection is at the core of what we do for our customers. That commitment begins at our own front doors. We make great efforts to protect our employees and the environment, including making employees aware of environmental, health and safety procedures and to provide resources for each employee to ensure his/her own safety.

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 Environmental Health & Safety Compliance Mission

Evoqua Water Technologies will not compromise accident and injury prevention or environmental compliance for profit or production.

Guiding Principles

  • An uncompromising commitment to safety, environment and regulatory compliance from management and each employee is the key to achieving our mission and goals.

  • All employees have the right - and responsibility - to immediately halt and report unsafe or non-compliant equipment, acts or practices.

  • Management support of this policy is total and absolute.

  • Evoqua Water Technologies strives to keep all employees aware of required safety, health and environmental procedures and provides the resources for each employee to ensure his / her own safety.

  • We strive for continuous improvement in all aspects of our safety and environmental compliance program - training, implementation and motivation.

  • Everyone is responsible for their own safety - and for the safety of those around them.

  • Commitment to Evoqua's environmental, health and safety standards is an integral part of every employee's job and a key criteria of performance evaluation.

  • We will strive to meet or exceed all government regulations affecting our facilities.

 Safety Awards

​Ineos Chocolate Bayou facility

Recently, our team at the Ineos Chocolate Bayou facility received a safety award for ZERO RECORDABLES in 2016. Evoqua operates a 1600 gpm Reverse Osmosis / Mobile Deionization system under a LTOC agreement at this facility. Contractors at this site in general outperformed the Ineos plant personnel, and Evoqua led by example. This plant has many potential hazards due to the nature of the manufacturing process, and our team clearly has put Safety First.


chevron awards evoqua for excellent safety performance! 

Today, Evoqua Water Technologies provides water solutions to 90% of Fortune 500 companies. One of these companies, Chevron, recently awarded Evoqua with the 2015 Gold Award for excellent safety performance at the Chevron Refinery in El Segundo, CA. With this award being Chevron's highest Safety recognition presented on an annual basis, this is the third consective year that Evoqua has received this highest Safety Award from Chevron. Evoqua values Chevron's Gold Award, while they always put safety first.

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 Safety Data Sheets

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