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Water Quality Monitoring

The Evoqua Water Technologies Smart Network Solutions product family includes the  Hydraclam® and Chloroclam® Water Quailty Monitors.

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For water quality management in potable distribution systems:

  • Real-time monitoring of key water quality parameters across the entire network through 3G mobile communication or DNP3-RTU
  • Understanding water age in the distribution system
  • Chlorine residual comparison during and after maintenance work
  • Identifying nitrification events in chloraminated systems
  • Assess re-chlorination effectiveness – manual tablet dosing, secondary chlorination
  • Network pressure reduction and effects on chlorine residuals
  • Quantify variations in water quality due to water blending
  • Understand turbidity response and network hydraulic causes
  • Real time control of discoloration risk during valving and rezoning work
  • Generate calibration data for water quality modelling software
  • Condition monitoring of distributed assets
  • Optimise mains cleaning program
  • Water quality sampling in remote or difficult to access locations
  • Validated response and reference to customer complaints

 Water Quality Monitoring Offering

​This family of products allows water distribution system managers to optimise their operations and ensure regulatory compliance to ADWG by providing a comprehensive, near real-time view of water quality throughout the network. The Hydra-and/or Chloroclam units can be installed at any strategic point where connection to the potable water main is possible, and intermittently measure and upload turbidity, pressure, conductivity, temperature and chlorine levels to a secure website by use of 3G mobile communication or via DNP3-RTU to SCADA, allowing targeted water monitoring within identified problem areas or a comprehensive view of water quality throughout the entire network.

 Key Benefits

  • Cost-effective enterprise solution for distributed wireless sensors to monitor water quality continuously
  • Intuitive user dashboard displays water quality data, trending, status, and event log in real time
  • Turbidity, chlorine, pressure, conductivity and temperature data at high frequency from remote sites where power and telemetry constraints were a prior restriction
  • Proactive detection of water quality and supply issues before customers are affected - reduction of water quality complaints
  •  Allows utilities to redeploy field assets towards operations and maintenance activity rather than collecting samples and travelling long distances
  • Reduced risk for employees - less road travel and climate impact (heat)
  • Improved network control during maintenance activity, efficient allocation of resources
  • Faster and more accurate identification of the origin of compliance failures/customer complaints
  • Improved and more inclusive compliance reporting
  • Recognised by peers and customers as enabler of smart, intelligent systems