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Wallace & Tiernan® Products and Systems

The leaders in gas chlorination, disinfection and chemical dosing.

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 Wallace & Tiernan in Australia, New Zealand & The Pacific

Whether you’re dealing with gases, liquids, or solids, we have a solution for your process. Wallace & Tiernan® products and systems have been the leaders in gas chlorination, disinfection and chemical dosing since 1913. While it wasn't until March, 1954 that Wallace & Tiernan Pty Ltd was formed in Sydney, Australia, Wallace & Tiernan soon captured a share of the market.

 Australia imported some parts from the U.S., the UK, and Germany, and manufactured other parts locally to give their products a distinctive Australian look. Today, they offer products for water quality monitoring, treatment, analytics, chemical dosing and disinfection. The Australian operation is split between an assembly plant in South Windsor, NSW and sales offices along the East Coast, located in Melbourne - Victoria, Sydney - New South Wales and Brisbane - Queensland.

By utilising our extensive portfolio and knowledge that is designed to help the demands of engineers, industries and municipalities, we are able to provide solutions for virtually any water application. Our product range, ground-breaking technology and experience allow us to offer the right solution for all areas of water treatment and disinfection applications. We place great emphasis on quality and providing unparalleled commitment to service.

For more information about our engineering and design abilities around the Wallace & Tiernan product range see our Tailored System Solutions page.

 Product Snapshots

Product​ApplicationData Sheet
​Chloroclam® Water Quality MonitorBattery operated analyser for continuous remote monitoring and reporting of chlorine (residual or free) / temperature in the water distribution network
Hydraclam® Water Quality MonitorBattery operated analyser for continuous remote monitoring and reporting of turbidity, pressure and electrical conductivity
​Advantage Series of Analyser/Controller PanelsPrefabricated and preengineered, panel mounted analyser/control package
DEPOLOX® Pool E 700 P Pool Management System​Measures and controls critical disinfection parameters of free chlorine, pH and ORP. Measure combined and total chlorine as well as conductivity and provides a control output for these measurements
OSEC-NXT® Membrane Electrochlorination SystemA membrane-type electrolytic chlorination system that produces sodium hypochlorite directly on site through the electrolysis of brine
​​Barrier M® UV Water Treatment System​​​UV system designed for the treatment of swimming pool and process water


Evoqua's unique position in the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Region's markets enables us to offer not only Wallace & Tiernan® products to our vast number of clientele, but also customised Wallace & Tiernan systems specifically designed to meet the demands of the Australian, New Zealand and Pacific Region's water industries. By utilising our global knowledge and resources, the Australian entity of Evoqua is able to provide our clients with not only the right technologies for their business needs, but also integrated systems and value-adding services.

For more information on how Evoqua can provide you with a customised, project specific solution, please contact our region's Head Office using the number or email address above. To view our case studies, follow the link below.