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Advantage Series Analyser / Controller Panels

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 About the Advantage Series

Unique to the Australian Market, the Advantage Series of Analyser / Controller Panels combine the proven performance of Wallace & Tiernan® products in an innovative new configuration. The Advantage Series has been developed to enable quick, low cost installation for your analyser at the end user site. Evoqua Water Technologies provides detailed application support to assist you in the correct selection and installation of our full range of products. 

​Quick Fit  ​SFC13100B0

​SFC electronics and VariaSens™ flow
block with a FC1 probe mounted on a
PVC backboard, supplied with quick fit


​SFC electronics and DEPOLOX® 5 cell
mounted on a PVC backboard, supplied
with a water pressure reducing valve and
an isolation valve.

​pH CorrectMFC1D00000PD2

​MFC electronics, DEPOLOX 5 cell
and buffer pump mounted on a PVC
backboard, supplied with a water
pressure reducing valve and isolation


  • Potable water treatment

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Industrial water treatment

 Features & Benefits

  • The Advantage Series is available in three configurations, quick fit, regulated and pH correct, that are available Ex Works, covering a range of applications and budgets 
  • Depolox 3 plus, SFC and MFC controllers available in all configurations
  • Depolox 3 plus and Depolox 5 controllers, flow block assemblies and VariaSens wet cells also available in all configurations
  • Additional sensors available: pH, ORP, conductivity, ozone and fluoride
  • Standard backboards eliminate the need for additional work on site to install and test the system
  • Easily installed and commissioned by our skilled and dedicated service staff
  • Factory tested at our local facility


  • “Plug and Play” configuration requires only water line and electrical connections
  • Simplified installation – saving both time and money
  • Pre-wired and pre-tested
  • A wide range of packages and configurations available