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Type 2(纯)水


纯水是制备化学试剂、微生物缓冲液和持续纯净介质的基本成分。它是清洗玻璃器皿的主要水源,并可用作实验室设备的给水,如高压灭菌器、实验室洗碗机和水槽。还可作为 Type 1 超纯系统的预处理水源。

Type 2(纯)水或纯实验室水适用于多种应用:

  • PCR

  • IC

  • 病理学

  • 细胞学 + 组织学工作

  • 缓冲液制备

  • 光度学和分光光度学

  • 介质制备

  • 电泳工艺

  • 普通化学

  • 实验室超纯水系统供水

  • 实验室洗涤机最后冲洗

How does reverse osmosis work?

A solution with a high salt concentration is separated by a semi permeable membrane from a solution with a low salt concentration. In normal osmosis, the water from the side with less salt will begin permeating the membrane into the more concentrated solution. In reverse osmosis, pressure is supplied that exceeds the osmotic pressure of the higher concentrated solution to force water in the reverse direction. Clean water starts to permeate through the membrane. This water contains approximately 98% less salt than the inlet water. This technology will also remove > 99 % of particles and bacteria.

The production rate of an RO system depends on the water temperature. Our specifications are given at a water temperature of 15°C. Each °C of temperature variation creates a water production shift of 3 %! Most manufacturers use 25°C to rate their performance, however, with our systems, you can be assured that your water production is in the right range even if the temperature falls below 25°C.


​​ISO 3696 Water Specifications ​ ​ ​
​Type 2 (pure) water
Resistivity (megohm-cm compensated to 25°C)​1.0
TOC (ppb)80
​Absorbance at 254 nm/cm optical path (A.U.)​<0.01
​Silica (mg/l)​<0.02
Dry residue after evaportating on heating at 110°C​<1.0

 Evoqua water Purification Systems that can produce Type II (Pure) Water:

SystemAdvantages ​ ​

LaboStar™ RO DI System


  • Connection to municipal drinking water supply
  • 7 liter built-in storage tank
  • Pure water circulation right into the dispenser head
  • Easy to dispense water using the practical POU dispenser
  • ​0.2 µm sterile filter with or without endotoxins retention as
    option available
  • Whisper operation mode
  • Rapid and simple disinf ection
  • Conductivity monitoring of RO and DI water
  • Easy module exchange via quick-release connections

Ultra Clear™ RO DI System 


  • Permeate water with salt reduction of around 98%
  • DI Module polishes RO water to a quality of <0.1 µS/cm


  • ​Salt reduction rate will be shown in percentage
  • Storage Tanks in different sizes are available

Ultra Clear™ RO EDI System 

  • ​Low energy consumption, high product water yield
  • No chemicals required for the EDI-Cell
  • Conductivity down to <0.070 µS/cm
  • ​Endotoxin and bacteria reduction


Protegra CS™ RO EDI System​

  • High volumes of desalinated water for laboratories and industries
  • Combination of the Protegra CS™ RO with the EDI-Cell Technology
  • Consistent pure water quality



  • ​Low operating costs
  • Minimal maintenance outlay
  • Different options are available

​Deionizers (1+1 Combination)


  • ​1.4404 stainless steel deionizers
  • operates at pressures of 10 bar
  • Optimized Water flow
  • Quick-fit Couplers (SK) or 3/4" threaded connectors are available


  • ​Different Accessories and Options are available
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