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​Stephan Andree
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Micro/2000® 测量模块

Wallace & Tiernan® 系统的 Micro/2000® 氯分析仪可以与 MFC 电子设备或全新 SFC 电子设备一同使用。

The SFC electronic package is used when a single measurement is required and can be supplied with optional control functionality. The MFC electronic package is used when multiple analysis with control functionality are required. Either electronic package provides a user friendly display and touch pad with historic data trending available right on the display.



  • 废水
  • 饮用水
  • 冷却水

     Features / Benefits

    • Accurately measures free and total chlorine, chlorine dioxide or potassium permanganate residuals
    • Suitable for wastewater, portable water and cooling water( fresh or saltwater source) applications
    • Measurement ranges from 0-0.1 to 0-200 mg/L
    • Sensitivity down to 1 ppb ( 0.001 mg/L)
    • Long term stability of calibration that is unaffected by varying water quality, changes in turbidity or conductivity
    • Low sample flow cell design for economical reagent usage
    • Separate flow cell and electronic packages for installation flexibility
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