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​Daryl Weatherup
Global Product Manager
Tel: +1 949 274 5284

供气系统 V2000™ 氯化器

Wallace & Tiernan® 系统 V2000TM 气体氯化器是一种远程真空溶剂供气机

The Wallace & Tiernan® Systems V2000TM gas chlorinators are remote vacuum solution gas feeders. Wallace & Tiernan® V2000 gas feed equipment has the benefit of over a century of experience in gas dispensing technology. This family of gas chlorinators consist of a floor mounted unit with a maximum capacity of 10,000 lbs (4500 kg) per day (chlorine) and a more compact wall mounted unit with a capacity of 3000 (1360 kg) per day (chlorine). V2000 chlorinators handle all water treatment gases: chlorine, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide.



    • Municipal or industrial water treatment
    • Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment
    • Chemical processing
    • Industrial process water
    • Treatment of cooling water to inhibit biological growth and Algae control in irrigation systems

 Key BEnefits

  • ​Safe all-vacuum operation using accurate, reliable, proven, V-notch gas flow control
  • Large 250 mm (10'') flowmeters for the highest degree of readability and +/- 4% of indicated accuracy
  • Large vacuum regulators with unique, integral pressure check valve that all but eliminate the possibility of venting gas to the atmosphere
  • Built-in non-isolating, automatic switchover option for continuous operation and complete withdrawal from any container, if required
  • Complete design and system supply of all gas feeding and handling equipment, residual analyzers, control systems, gas detectors and accessories
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