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​Stephan Andree
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TMS 561 浊度计(在线流程浊度测量)

TMS 561 专门设计用来持续在线测量市政和工业水处理工厂中过滤水或原水的浊度以及废水应用中流出物的浊度。

The TMS 561 Turbidimeter is specifically designed for continuous on-line measurement of turbidity in filtered or raw water in municipal and industrial water treatment plants as well as effluent in wastewater applications. It provides an economical, compact system for turbidity measurement in most water treatment applications. Available with either a white light source, the TMS 561 Turbidimeter is ideally suited for reporting results under EPA and other international standards. Utilizing an EPA-approved, reusable, primary standard, routine calibration is fast and inexpensive.

For poor quality water, an ultrasonic, self-cleaning system is available to reduce maintenance. An optional data acquisition system and software package allows networking of up to 225 turbidimeters into a single computer. The software provides graphical trending, alarms, and filter analysis.



  • Municipal
  • Industrial

 Benefits / Features

  • Two automatic measurement ranges: 0-1.0 and 10-1000 NTU (Nephelometric Turbidity Units)
  • Four basic models to choose from for the proper measurement for a specific application
  • Compact design eliminates the need to mount multiple components
  • Electronic and operator controls built into the measurement unit
  • Fast response time ensures timely monitoring of any process and gives early indication of process abnormality
  • User-friendly, menu driven electronics housed in a NEMA 4X/IP 66 enclosure
  • 4-20 mA output and two configurable alarm relays for interfacing with any control system
  • Available RS 485 digital interface
  • Convenient, EPA-approved, sealed calibration standards eliminate errors and simplify calibrating
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