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​Stephan Andree
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PCS plus Pool Compact 系统


The PCS plus Pool Compact System is a practical, cost-effective measurement system that meets the requirements of swimming pool chemical control. It measures the parameters of free chlorine, pH, redox voltage and temperature and is provided with a feed rate display. Other parameter combinations such as two chlorine inputs and pH value measurement or the measurement of free chlorine and pH only are also possible. In addition the PCS plus system controls disinfectant dosage as well as pH value correction – either in combination with metering pumps or with an electric positioner. The PCS plus Pool Compact System comprises of a DEPOLOX® pressurized flow cell module, accommodating up to three sensors, and the PCS plus electronic module.

The Pool Compact System PCS plus with the double measurement of free chlorine is especially designed for small swimming pools where two basins are connected to one filter circuit.



  • Measurement and control of chlorine, ORP, pH and temperature in swimming pools

 Benefits / Features

  • Dosing time monitoring resp. dosing time delay after circulation start
  • Display and compensation of temperature
  • Automatic adaptation of control parameters
  • Clear display
  • Freely adjustable limit contacts
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