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​Jonathan Dick

OSEC® BP 次氯酸钠发生系统

OSEC® BP 电解氯化解决方案通过对制备的盐溶液进行电解,利用盐、水和

由于所 生产的次氯酸钠浓度含有 0.8% 等价有效氯,比商用次氯酸钠要低得多,因 此分解度大幅降低。此外,与大批量次氯酸钠相比,使用该系统可以大幅降 低运营成本。运行完全自动化,因此极为适用于无人值守场所。该系统可提

供从 12 至 48 lbs/天(5.5 至 22 kg/天)的四级标准容量梯级,可满足大 多数现场需求。




  • Improved electrolyzer design fully serviceable
  • Proven Bi-Polar electrode technology
  • Inter-stage Hydrogen removal
  • Fully automatic control
  • 5 yr anode warranty
  • 0.8% concentration Hypochlorite

 Key Benefits

  • ​Easy to maintain and service
  • Electrolyzer design allows easy access to chassis for cleaning or replacement
  • Greater electrolysis efficiency with an economical cell design
  • Flexible installation with wall mounted components
  • Limited operator interface through a fully automated setup
  • Certified for use in drinking water applications according to NSF/ ANSI-Standard 61
  • Visual indication of cell operation
  • Complete systems supply, and service with Evoqua Water Technologies
jonathan.dick@evoqua.com OSEC® BP 次氯酸钠发生系统