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Kent V2000™ 供气系统

Kent V2000™ 壁挂式氯化器是一种适用于广泛研究的产品,旨在满足客户对轻松使用、简单维护和经济紧凑的结构的需求。
​The Kent V2000™ wall-mounted chlorinator has a capacity of up to 60kg/h and its pre-mounted backboard can be conveniently sited, making it ideal for applications where space is at a premium but higher feed rates are required. In addition to chlorine feed, the Kent V2000™ chlorinator can also be used as a sulphur dioxide, ammonia, or carbon dioxide gas feeder.



  • Municipal or industrial water treatment
  • Municipal or industrial wastewater treatment
  • Industrial process water

 Key Benefits

  • High capacity chlorinator in a space saving, wall-mounted configuration (floor-standing cabinet option also available)
  • Integrally mounted automatic control valve option
  • All-vacuum operation using reliable V-notch gas flow control
  • Check device for backflood protection upon injector shutdown
  • Large 250mm scale flowmeter for optimum accuracy
  • Also available for feeding ammonia, sulphur dioxide, or carbon dioxide
  • 4-20mA non-inferential output option
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