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E-2000 蒸发器

Wallace & Tiernan® 系统 E-2000 蒸发器是一种水浸式储罐热交换器,专门针对液态氯到气态氯的转换设计。
The latent heat of evaporisation limits chlorine gas withdrawal from containers. An evaporator is necessary wherever the large quantities of gas are required and the rate of gas withdrawal from multiple containers is not fast enough to keep with this requirements. The E-2000 Evaporator can also be adapted for handling other gases such as sulphur dioxide.


 Automatic Safety Features

  • Liquid level in the vaporising cylinder is self-adjusting, in accordance with the need for more or less heat transfer surface
  • The liquid-inlet line is protected by a rupture disc arrangement designed for a pressure of 14.5 bar or optionally for 22 bar (hot climate). Combined with an expansion cylinder and a contact pressure gauge this unit protects the liquid gas supply line
  •  An automatic pressure reducing and shut-off valve combined with a minimum contact pressure gauge and interlocked with a low water temperature alarm switch prevents reliquefaction downstream of this valve
  • A maximum contact pressure gauge in the evaporator outlet protects the vaporising cylinder in the case of an operators’. error (manual inlet and outlet valves closed, heaters on)

 Key BEnefits

  • Handles chlorine and sulphur dioxide
  • Water temperature thermostatically controlled
  • Electrical interlock of all safety arrangements
  • Automatic pressure reducing and shut-off valve protects gas feeder from liquid entry
  • Both gas chamber and water-bath tank are cathodically protected by three magnesium anodes against corrosion from the hot water
  • Reduction in the number of containers employed
  • Footprint reduction

 Technical Data

Standard capacities: 200 kg Cl2/h; 100 kg SO2/h
Power consumption: approximate 18 kW
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