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Evoqua Water Technologies 是多种消毒技术的首要提供商
​Technologies are designed to meet your most rigorous demands in virtually any aquatic application, such as disinfecting water in municipal pool and leisure facilities, fountains, water features and recreational or theme parks. With various disinfection technologies and new regulations to consider, choosing the right disinfection solution can be a daunting task without an expert guide.

 Technologies within our Aquatics portfolio

  • OSEC® On-site hypochlorite generation systems- eliminates chemical storage
  • SafePrep XC Calcium hypochlorite preparation as additional disinfection
  • Diox Chlorine dioxide generation systems- a powerful disinfectant /legionella control
  • Water quality analyzers and controllers especially designed for pool applications
  • Barrier® M Ultraviolet (UV) light systems- support of disinfection/less by-products of chlorination
  • Stable acid capacity due to calcite gravel vessels
  • Less by-products of chlorination due to JETPAK activated carbon dosing systems
  • UFOX Sludge water recycling units for recycling of filter backwash water
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