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Russ Swerdfeger
Global Product Manager, MEMCOR Products

MEMCOR® CS 浸没式膜系统


MEMCOR® CS 系统基于 MEMCOR 超滤系统技术,在世界各地数以千计的设备中得到验证。高性能 MEMCOR CS 系统适用于城市和工业用水、废水利用和 RO 预处理。MEMCOR CS 浸没式膜技术可为大容量处理系统提供经济型解决方案,减少工厂占地空间、化学药品和电力消耗。



  • RO pretreatment for desalination
  • Industrial process water
  • Potable and non-potable reuse
  • Drinking water in surface and groundwater applications
  • Retrofit of existing filter basins


  • ​Self-contained membrane cells
  • Scalable design options, cell capacities up to 7 MGD
  • Low energy consumption compared to pressure systems
  • Designed for ease of expansion and modifications

 key benefits

  • Lower energy costs, less pumping energy required compared to pressure systems
  • Optional membrane service access platform for the removal and servicing of membrane
  • Individual isolation of membrane racks or cloverleaf
  • Low overall clearance, enabling retrofits of low profile existing basins
  • Visual inspection capability
  • Simple to operate and maintain
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